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was chosen as a research project by the physiotherapy department of the University of Toronto. The study concluded that osteo-circuit modifies key risk factors for Falls and therefore reduced  fracture risk in patients who adhered to the program .The recommendation was that osteo-circuit be expanded to other clinics and community  settings.


if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or low bone density, its important to do the correct exercise to increase your bone health  and overall fitness. Certain exercise are actually harmful know the "do's" and " don't" when it comes to your exercise program.

if you have osteoprosis you need to be reassured that you are

  • participating in correct exercise program .
  • performing the right exercise the right way.

Osteo-circuit  Physiotherapists oversee your program and help you experience your maximum benefits.


You will undergo  regular reassessments to evaluate your progress and adjust your exercise routine as needed. This allows you to continually progress and to reach your "peak performance". Our patients look forward to  these reassessments to see how much  they have improved .You will receive a record of  these reassessments.



Research indicates that an exercise program for people with osteoporosis or low bone-density  should include specific kinds of exercises. Your  exercise program will focus on improving your:

  1. Alignment and Posture
  2. Core and Spinal Strength
  3. Upper and Lower  Extremity Strength
  4. Flexibility and Balance
  5. Stamina


You will undergo an osteo-circuit Assessment by the physiotherapist to determine your medical and physical status and to design  your exercise program. We also ask what personal goals you have and in which activities you enjoy participating

. Many people have other conditions such as arthritis, back pain or joint replacement that must be considered in the design of their exercise program. Your alignment , posture, range motion,  strength and flexibility will be assessed. Your heart rate and Blood Pressure  will be taken before your physical testing. We ask you only to do what you are comfortable and confident to do .